Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WTW 256 Solutions!

Thank you to the awesome anonymous uploader of solutions for chapter one for the 6th Edition.
It's on the WTW 256 Page.

If you have anything that isn't here you can send it to me on the Submit File page.

Large files can be uploaded to a cloud service, like DropBox, or a filelocker, like DepositFiles, and sent to me by pasting the link in the Description on the Submit File page.


  1. Hey man, do you have any MJJ past papers! it would be awesome to see what they ask! I heard that it is the most difficult subject

    1. Lol I didn't post as there was no initial request on the module request post. Here's a link

  2. i was trollin at first but that actually really helps! thanks man

  3. Big thanks to the chap that submitted WTW 256 chap 1 solutions! Just could you please do chap 2 as well now? Will be a big help.

    As usual thanks to Anon Mouse for the fantastic job he does! Keep it up dude!!